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21 Things You Should Know About Star Wars Fans

21 Things You Should Know About Star Wars Fanatics

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It’s like meeting the two or three other people who speak your language when lost in a foreign country. A mutual understanding pervades us as we send each other knowing looks in a game store. We may appear to non-fanatics as a peculiar, awkward, and easily overexcited bunch, but understanding us is easier than explaining what a “nerf herder” is.

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1. It’s a lifestyle, not a fad.

You know “those people” who managed to get “Jedi” listed in some questionnaires with the other religions? Yeah, that was us.


2. We are proud that the franchise is back at the height of popularity.

But secretly we harbor a tiny bitterness that suddenly, everyone thinks they’re also fans. Star Wars is OURS; you should be grateful we are letting you mingle with us.


3. We know how important it’s to follow our gut.

If you have a bad feeling about something, it’s a good time to extricate yourself from the situation or premises immediately.


4. Most of us are of the old guard.

We had the Star Wars sheets, underwear, and toys long before they were sold at Hot Topic. Star Wars was a part of our childhood.



5. It really does matter who shot first.


6. There’s an order in which to watch the movies.

Although we may disagree on whether the Release Date, Machete, Machete Order for Kids, Storyteller, “Skip the Bad Ones”, “River Song”, or “Chronological” Order is the best.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Image by StarWars.com

Star Wars Original Trilogy

Image by OriginalTrilogy.com


7. The first rule of Star Wars club is “we don’t talk about Jar Jar”.


8. We own more Star Wars shirts than most of you own shirts, period.

9. Star Wars ringtone, phone cover, wallpaper? Got ’em.

star wars wallpaper


10. When a new trailer drops, it’s like the Rapture for us.


11. We are surprisingly intolerant when simple names like “Leia” are mispronounced.


12. If we don’t already have one/many, we have definitely contemplated getting one/many Star Wars themed tattoos.

Tattoo by Alex Pancho


13. It’s like North vs. South (U.S. Civil War or Korea): Jedi or Sith. Light or Dark Side.


14. The most romantic response to “I love you” is not “I love you too.”

It’s “I know.”


15. A part of us died with Han that day, and Carrie Fisher’s death was the end of an era for us.


16. We don’t actually believe that the Midi-chlorian count matters.

17. The Force Theme is like a national anthem.

It must be respected, and some of us still tear up a little.


18. The Star Wars Celebration is like our Mecca.

Dreamt of all our lives, it’s a holy journey that must occur at least once in our lifetimes.


19. The philosophical underpinnings of Star Wars (original trilogy only!) are vast, accurate, and sometimes downright existential.


20. We believe that the second amendment should include lightsabers and blasters.

Those in favor of gun control would still support access to lightsabers and blasters.


21. You may think we are just “nerds”

But we are a global family of nerds with power in numbers – we definitely outnumber you, so watch yourselves…

Star Wars fans: What other universal truths should be on this list? Did you find yourself nodding at a lot of these?

What makes YOU a diehard Star Wars fan?


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Karl is a simple nerd at heart who enjoys sharing and updating fellow Gamers, Movie Buffs, Jedi, Sith and the likes about the latest products and awesomeness.

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