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Anime food

29 Delicious Anime Food GIFs

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2. Raw egg over a bowl of white rice – topped with soy sauce

raw egg with white rice topped with soy sauce


3. Hot, thick, CREAMY vegetable soup


4. Vegetable Stew


5. Bento box


6. Another bento box

The answer is still always yes.

7. Never enough bento box

8. Tiny sandwiches

9. Sizzling savory bacon

Bacon bacon bacon? Bacon, bacon bacon.

10. Shrimp tempura

The sound the tempura makes on the first bite is heavenly, followed by that chewy shrimp texture, seasoned with just enough spices that won't overpower the shrimp's delicate flavor.

11. Juicy medium-rare steak 

12. Tender chicken over steamed brown rice and vegetables

With just a hint of garlic and teriyaki sauces to tie in all the flavors.

13. Cup o’ Noodles

15. Thick pork cutlets

16. Slurping of ramen

Funimation/ tumblr.com

17. Thin cuts of beef, sizzled over an open grill, sautéed in onions, jalapeños, and soy sauce

18. Pepperoni pizza, topped with mushrooms, olives, and green peppers

20. Sugar melting in coffee


21. Hot tea with a spoonful of sweet honey.

23. Lots and lots of CAKE

24. Even more CAKE

25. All you can eat

Studio Ghibli

26. Bacon and eggs

27. Chomping down on meat

29. Red bean bun


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