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3 Places to Go to Meet Your Favorite Marvel Heroes

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There are literally millions of individuals throughout the world today who grew up with Marvel superhero characters as one of the main focus of their books, comics, and entertainment. Even though most of us have grown up and become adults now, many of us still enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and taking in some of the Marvel comic book characters. Along these same lines, perhaps something that many individuals do not realize is that there are a number of unique locations to actually meet individuals dressed up as these remarkable Marvel characters. Here are at least three to consider:

Comic Con

Comic Con is interesting in that if you attend it you not only can often find a lot of individuals dressed up as your favorite Marvel comic book characters but you also may meet many of the actors that play these Marvel superheroes as well. According to Conmose, it’s a good idea to be prepared for that meeting and have a pose in mind for your photo op so it doesn’t get awkward. Comic Con has been held in San Diego since 1974 and has increased in popularity over the years. Indeed, in 2010 the number of attendees grew to 130,000 per year. It is during this convention that you not only can meet many of your favorite characters in costume, but you can take part in a function that has made the Guinness Book of World Records for a number of different records on a variety of different occasions.


There are many isolated Marvel characters that you can meet during various Disneyland events. One main example that occurs often would be the opportunity to meet Spiderman. According to Park Savers, to make your Disneyland trip extra awesome, use an autograph book to collect the autographs of your favorite characters and heroes. Or you can let your young Marvel fan find their favorite heroes and collect their autographs instead of you. Either way, it makes for a great experience.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Going to Universal’s Islands of Adventure offers the comic nerd ample opportunities to meet many of their favorite comic book characters. One main example of this would be when visitors are presented with the option to meet with such characters as Spider Man, Captain America, and many other important members of the Marvel Universe. This is one case where you just might have ample opportunities to collect the autographs of your favorite Marvel heroes.

All a person has to do is simply open up their eyes and do their research, and they will find great ways to humor themselves if they are a comic book fan. The opportunities in these three types of situations are just about endless.

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