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Someone who loves anime, Marvel, star wars, or video games? Cool, we are HUGE nerds too. And guess what? This site was made for us.

No where else will you find a better source for your nerd needs. Our team of Taped-glasses wearing, Maruchan eating writers constantly scour the web for the latest and greatest competitive gaming tips, star wars news, and the latest about which anime waifu will make you the best breakfast in bed.

So how’d Nerdout even start?

Welllll, we were scouring the web for a place that had everything. Kind of like the Reddit or Facebook for nerds, but we couldn’t find anything! It was driving us more bananas than King Mukla, Donkey Kong, and a Mario Kart game on item steroids all rolled up into one.

And then it hit us, let’s make that nerdtastic site for all to enjoy.

Here at Nerdout, you’ll find:

  • What’s trending in the Nerd community. You know, just the latest Avengers End Game news that gets released
  • Competitive gaming tips like the best decks to use to get to legend in Hearthstone or which Overwatch character is the best to rank up with
  • The top 10 anime on Crunchyroll 2019

Yeah…we have you covered.

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