Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Movie Coming Earlier Than May 2017

The highly anticipated “final arc” of the popular anime franchise, Fairy Tail, has announced an earlier release date for it’s newest movie:

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

In this new trailer we see Natsu transforming into a half-dragon to battle ferocious enemies:

For those familiar with the series the form seen is “Dragonification.”

It’s when a Dragon Slayer overuses their Dragon Slayer Magic leading to a full transformation into a Dragon, which is what Igneel, Natsu’s dad, had wanted to prevent from happening.

For anyone new to Fairy Tail, the series follows a Lucy, an aspiring Celestial wizard who teams up with Natsu, Ezra, and Grey to bettering her skills.

The four of them journey and explores a world filled with magic, wonder, mystery and adversity.

Be sure to stay tune for more updates if you’re as excited about the movie as we are!



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