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EPIC Hologram Display of Sasuke’s Susanoo Transformation

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After the massive success of their holographic display based on Dragon Ball Z’s Goku, ZW Design wanted to take on a new challenge by creating a holographic display of Sasuke, a main protagonist from the anime Naruto.

Sasuke Hologram GIF

ZW Design realized that the difference wasn’t in the display’s technology, but in the quality of the content. So they decided to focus on coherence with the anime.

The first step in the development of the hologram was to analyze Sasuke’s character deeply, to understand how he manifests his powers, his motives, personality, etc.

As Daniel Bonna, a designing consultant for the firm, explains:

Our primary goal was to create an adaptation of Sasuke’s techniques so that fans can appreciate and would be impressed. An authentic look is crucial to appeasing critics because even great Hollywood productions generate dissatisfaction amongst demanding fans when it’s a poor adaptation. We paid close attention to all the elements in order to stay faithful towards the beloved character created by Masashi Kishimoto, and if the # 1 fan approved, we would have accomplished our goal. We’re not sure, but I think he approved.

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