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Star Wars R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator by AQUA

This Life-Sized R2-D2 Is Making Dreams Come True!

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Ever dreamed of owning a REAL Life R2-D2 that can move? Then you’re in luck! Well, almost…

You’ll just need to be living in Japan and have an extra ¥998,000 Yen ($8853 USD) laying around.

AQUA, a Japanese home appliances company, has created the ultimate life-sized model of everyone’s favorite Star Wars astromech droid.

Life-sized R2-D2

Not only does it move like in the movies but it’s remote controlled and doubles as a refrigerator!


This is a remotely powered R2-D2 mobile fridge that has enough space to bring you a 6-pack at a brisk 45° thanks to its prime cooling and insulation.

The 1:1 model comes with realistic lights, sound effects and a built-in projector to deliver a Galactic Star Wars experience.

So who’s ready to get the marathon party started?!

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