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Nova Nukers Review

Nova Nukers Review

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Ok so, Imagine yourself running around a small planet, trying to capture your opponents by throwing bombs or tackling into them.

Welcome to Nova Nukers, a multiplayer battle game where 4 players get together and fight it out to see who can drop their bombs first. Released on March 15th on the PC while coming to Xbox One and PS4 later this summer, Nova Nukers is a new indie game created by Lemonbomb Entertainment that combines fast-paced gameplay with the cut-throat fun of “friendly” competition whether you’re online or with your buddies playing split-screen.

The game, so far, has two modes. In Catch Match the goal is simple, first to X points wins. In order to do so players will have to gather power-ups or dash into their opponents to stun them. Once an opponent is stunned players will have some time to capture their opponent, netting them a point and shutting their opponent out for the round. Players who are out, for the round, still can affect the game by firing lasers onto the map changing the land or stunning other players. The second game mode is Catch Point which is a mixture of Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. Players must capture a point that randomly spawns on the map and hold it for a set amount of time in order to score a point. Players can still use power-ups and dash into enemies to stun them but must make sure they themselves are capturing the point in order to score.

When I got into my first game I could instantly visualize my friends and I playing and yelling at each other (in a good way). I played an even amount of both Catch Match and Catch Point and I’ll say that both do have their merits. Both game modes feel very fast-paced and have a nice feeling of urgency where you’re always looking over your shoulder. Catch Match is a fun deathmatch mode where I know players will have fun screaming at their friends or enemies while Catch Point is a lot more tactical and has more stress because you have to defend a point on top of yourself. As I continued playing I started unlocking different power-ups that you can toggle to add some variety and help with replayability. Other levels can also affect the game with different environment modifiers which challenges players to pay attention to where they are stepping.

If I were to make a comparison about Nova Nukers I would have to say that it is a game that could easily snowball into something great. The game has a very fun style that is very reminiscent of early Smash Bros. I think there is a lot of potential within this game to really bring players back to sitting down with people or gathering online and just having a good old fashioned brawl. Since I was not able to really test the online very much I hope that there is some factor or rotating variable to makes online play more competitive but this is definitely a game that I look forward to playing on the consoles with friends. As I continued playing I found myself wanting more with the game leaving me with a sense that it hasn’t been fully fleshed out. I found myself wanting to have the characters to have more of an impact in the game itself rather than just being cosmetic. I kept waiting for a character to have some sort of special ability that made it stand out from the others but it felt like everyone was the same and just looked different.

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