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Grab A Drink At A Real Life Star Wars Cantina Bar

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You can now grab a drink in a real life Star Wars Cantina thanks to a pop-up bar called “The Cantina of Scum & Villainy.” Created by J.C. Reifenberg, this science-fiction-themed watering hole allows fans to live out their fantasies.

It’s a place where you’ll see Darth Vader kickin’ it with Captain Kirk nightly as cosplayers and sci-fi fans gather off Hollywood Boulevard.

Even though it’s almost sacrilegious for die-hard Star Wars fans to mingle with Trekkies, especially with the backdrop being THE Cantina Bar, the bar is a welcoming place for anyone who’s a nerd at heart.

“I wanted to build a place that geeks and nerds and cosplayers could all gather and have a place to make pretend. In my head, this is a playset and we are all action figures.” – J.C. Reifenberg

The Cantina is the perfect hang out spot letting people drink and dine in a world of fantasy.

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  1. Marc Starkiller Reply

    Karl, the plural of Jedi and Sith is, wait for it…. Jedi and Sith. Not Jedis and Siths, just thought I’d enlighten you on that fact. 😉

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