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Star Wars Medley Played On PVC Pipes

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Musician Snubby J graced the internet with a beautiful medley of Iconic Star Wars theme songs played on his homemade PVC Instrument AKA the RimbaTubes. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the YouTuber, he first rose to viral stardom performing at the Del Rey South Talent Show at LMU. The songs covered in his original video were: Office Theme Song, Charlie Brown – Linus and Lucy, Turkish March, Mario Brothers Theme, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Bad Romance, Viva La Vida, Like a Virgin, Crazy Train, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, James Bond Theme, Pirates of the Caribbean Theme and The Final Countdown.

In his Star Wars Medley video, you’ll see the YouTuber partner up with “Darth Snubby” (which is just Snubby J himself) to carry out the musical arrangements:

Here’s a breakdown of the Theme Songs:
0:33 Throne Room Theme (Ep IV)
1:18 The Imperial March (Ep V)
1:45 Cantina Band (Ep IV)
2:00 Duel of the Fates (Ep I)
3:08 Star Wars Opening Theme
3:55 (Snubby J’s original ending + Cantina Band reprised)

If you enjoyed the video, he’s made the audio track FREE for download via SoundCloud:

Be sure to Subscribe to his channel for other amazing RimbaTubes covers and originals.

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