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BBQ In Style With This Star Wars Tie Fighter Grill!

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There is no better way to keep the spirit of May the Fourth with you throughout the summer than to fire up this Star Wars Tie Fighter Grill and sear the Star Wars logo into your burgers and steaks.

TIE Fighter Grill

TIE Fighter Grill with Steaks

This sleek-looking, portable, propane-powered, imperial barbecue has a Cast Aluminum body, making it easy to transport from base to base.

Note: it weighs around 45 lbs. and uses regular mini propane tanks.

Inside, the cooking grid is rust resistant Cast Iron, comes apart easily for fast cleaning, conducts heat evenly, and gives you 220 square inches of cooking surface (about 8-10 burger patties at a time, depending on the size of the patties).

With one force push of the Electrical Pulse Ignition, the grill’s stainless steel burner pumps out up to 10,000 BTU of Sith (or Rebel) melting heat.

Star Wars Cast Iron Grill Cooking Grid

Additionally, there is no more tinkering or rotating to achieve those desired grill marks – the element has a radiating grid pattern that will make your food the envy of the galaxy.

This impressive, officially licensed grill also showcases two shelves or one “wing” on each side.

TIE Fighter BBQ Grill Wings

Lowered, they can hold all your utensils, plates, food, and supplies; put them upright and you have the iconic star vehicle that’s streamlined and more comfortable to carry.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Gas Grill

There are many little details to impress the biggest Star Wars aficionados, the pièce de resistance being the analog, tie fighter thermometer so you can monitor the temperature of the Force, preventing your food from getting Chewie, as you Jedi mind trick your favorite menu items into succulent form.

Analog thermometer of TIE Fighter Grill

As far as barbecues and grills go, this Star Wars BBQ Grill does what it’s supposed to: help you make a tasty and entertaining feast for a get-together.

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Karl is a simple nerd at heart who enjoys sharing and updating fellow Gamers, Movie Buffs, Jedi, Sith and the likes about the latest products and awesomeness.

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