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Top 10 Rick and Morty Products Every Fan Needs In Their Life (You’ll LOVE #7)

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Wubba lubba dub dub!

Do you like Rick and Morty? Arguably one of the best shows on television, Rick and Morty is gear(war)ing back up for SEASON 4! And just like you, we literally can’t wait any longer and have been scouring the internet for Rick and Morty memes, Rick and Morty Merch, and pretty much all things Rick and Morty.

So after spending hours on our phones…Summer…we’ve found the Top 10 Rick and Morty Merch products out there. Enjoy! (And yes, we have pickle rick merch on the list).


Price: $14.99

First, on our list, we have the “family-friendly” card game, Total Rickall! Someone tracked in a parasite again from outer space and Rick has locked down the house until all the parasites are gone. Find out who’s a parasite and who’s not in this whacky cooperative card game! Is Sleepy Gary real, is Pencilvester real, am I even real???

What makes this product so amazing: Each game only lasts 30 minutes but you can spend hours playing game after game, the rules are easy to learn and it even has an advanced mode for more competitive players, for only 15 bucks! There’s literally no reason to not buy this game right now.

2. Rick and Morty Portal Gun Compact Umbrella

Price: $34.99

Next on our list, we have a portal gun that actually shoots out a portal to another dimension (or an umbrella) anytime you press the button. Don’t let the rain stop your adventures by carrying around one of these bad boys. The handle is molded to mimic Rick’s portal gun and the ‘portal’ is about 36-inches wide. Plus you get a really cool sleeve that says Rick and Morty.

What makes this product so amazing: Are you kidding me? DO YOU SEE HOW COOL THIS UMBRELLA IS? Think about it this way. Rick and Morty socks and underwear are trending right now because it’s a way for you to display your love for the show and bond with other fans. Now you can bond with Rick and Morty fans when the sun is out or when it’s raining. And how cool is that handle…?


Price: $18.99

This product is definitely one of the best Rick and Morty gifts out there. These Mr. Meeseeks licensed mugs are perfect for hot or cold beverages and fit perfectly in either your kitchen or anime collection. And come on. Just look at that adorable, constantly suffering face. How could you say no?

What makes this product so amazing: If you want to be more hydrated, Mr. Meeseks can help you. If you want to feel more fulfilled, Mr. Meeseeks can help you. And if you want to be the most popular kid in school (or at work), MR. MEESEEKS CAN HELP YOU. It is their job after all.

*Note: Just don’t ask it to help you take 2 strokes off your golf game.


Price: $11.24

What if you could sit down for an hour with Rick and interview him? You could ask him about his views on life, love, and how he truly feels about Krombopulos Michael’s untimely death. So fair warning ahead of time, only get this book if you want insight into what makes Rick happy and what makes Rick tick. The truth…may haunt you.

What makes this product so amazing: This book is less than $12. Less than $12 to gain insight into the most brilliant creature’s mind in this and any universe! And there are some cool pictures inside. So get this book and all your stuff together and put it in your backpack. All your stuff, and this book, so it’s together. Get your stuff together!


Price: $12.99

Full disclosure, I own a pair of these socks. They are absolutely amazing. Not only do they feel soft and spectacular, like a properly made French Plumbus, but I’ve also gotten a compliment every single time I’ve worn them…multiple compliments a day…

What makes this product so amazing (show spoilers inside!): In addition to the Mr. Meeseeks mug, this item reigns supreme as a great Rick and Morty gift for someone. And it’s a two pack. That’s two pairs of socks that you’ll wear until they have more holes in them than Birdman at his wedding after Tammy shot him. Too soon? Yeah, probably. But for only $13 it’s a good deal.


Price: $25.59

Ok, we couldn’t wait any longer. It’s Pickle Rickkkkk! In this game, one side will play as Solenya…the pickle man, against Jaguar and the Russians to see if Rick can make it out of the compound alive, or if Jaguar and the Russians get the best of him.

What makes this product so amazing:  Come on, do you even have to ask that? It’s Pickle Rick! Oh, and you see that big pickle among all of the miniature game pieces and cards? Yeah, that’s a 1-foot pickle that just comes with this game. A 1-foot Pickle Rick. You kinda need this in your life.

P.S. Don’t leave the pickle out in the sun, pickles hate the sun…

7. Rick and Morty Space Cruiser Drink Time Sunshade

Price: $12.99

Do you own a car? Does your friend own a car? Do you want something super cool Rick and Morty related that you’ll use every day? Then check out this super cool sunshade! It fits in most cars, vans, and trucks and keeps those harmful screaming sun rays (you know the one) out of your vehicle. It’s about 57-inches long and 28-inches tall.

What makes this product so amazing: Imagine looking at your parked car and seeing Rick and Morty in the front seats! This fantastic duo will protect your car from heat and ward off the galactic federation all for only $13. Yeah, I just got one…

8. Rick and Morty Exoskeleton Snowball (Snuffles) 6-Inch Pop! Vinyl Figure

Price: $19.99

Where are my testicles…Summer? The Snuffles with all the ruffles is back and must find what was viciously stolen from him. Help him search for his long lost friends by putting him in your car, backpack, or face him to longingly look out your window. Because one day…he will find them.

What makes this product so amazing: It’s a sweet vinyl figurine of everyone’s favorite dog from the show! P.S. There are rumors floating around we may see a dog-world episode in Season 4. So obviously, we had to include this.


Price: $49.00

We had to include this item in the list. A complete set of seasons 1-3 of Rick and Morty. It sounds beautiful, it looks beautiful, it probably even tastes beautiful (I imagine a taste similar to that of Strawberry Smiggles). This is a definite must-have for any diehard Rick and Morty fan – it’s everything.

What makes this product so amazing: First off, all your Rick and Morty in one place can only bring unbelievable happiness. And second: If you know anyone, I mean anyone that has not seen this amazing show yet, then this turns into the ultimate Rick and Morty gift and quite possibly the best gift you could ever give someone for any occasion.

10. Rick and Morty Monopoly Game

Price: $39.99

Last but CERTAINLY not least, is the official Rick and Morty Monopoly game! Grab that portal gun and take a stroll around the universe as you buy and sell popular locations directly from the show. The game comes with these 6 collectible tokens which you can use to play Monopoly or proudly display on your nightstand (or both): Council of Ricks Badge, Meeseeks Box, Portal Gun, Plumbus, Rick’s Car, and Snuffles Helmet.

What makes this product so amazing: If you have never played Monopoly before, you’re truly missing out. One of the most classic board games out there remade to fit one of the best shows in the galaxy? I’m ordering this right now.

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