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Top 5 Non Legendary Cards - Hearthstone Boomsday

Top 5 Most Impactful (Non-Legendary) Cards From Boomsday Expansion

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The Boomsday expansion has been out for slightly over a week now and everyone is pushing the meta to its limits, attempting to find out what the best deck out there is. After gathering a multitude of statistics and data from well-regarded hearthstone sites such as hearthstonetopdecks.com and Vicious Syndicate,  I have complied what I believe to be the most impactful cards of the Boomsday Expansion thus far.

Best (Non-Legendary) Cards from the Boomsday Expansion:

  1. Giggling Inventor


Coming in at number one is Giggling Inventor! This 5-mana 4.5 in total minion stats usually comes out to a much higher value due to both Annoy-o-tron’s wearing a divine shield when they are summoned. In fact, this card has become so impactful in the metagame that many decks have begun teching Mossy Horrors and Blood Knights to deal with the low attack (but annoying) threats. Estimated to be in over 50% of games played in Legend Rank and a staple in both control and aggro decks alike, this card is the #1 nerf candidate for the next balance patch, making it easy to see why this card comes in at #1.

  1. Demonic Project


My number two choice is a card that can completely shift games as well as the meta itself simply by casting a 2-mana common spell. Demonic Project is the single biggest counter to combo decks that Blizzard has released since Dirty Rat. This card is responsible for the decrease in Togwaggle Druids, Malygos Druids, Shudderwock Shamans, Exodia Mages, and many more minion based combo decks. Due to the threat of this card, many combo decks are either forced to run multiple minions or simply just run another deck entirely. Although I am a fan of combo decks, I appreciate demonic project simply for the threat it creates, similar to the threat imposed by Skulking Geist. That is why Demonic Project comes in at my number 2.

  1. Wargear


This 5-mana 5.5 neutral mech is third on the list. Wargear is an auto-include in every mech deck played at the moment due to its overwhelming power. When comparing this to another card, it is helpful to look at the 4-mana paladin spell, Blessing of Kings (give a minion +4 +4). That being said, there are two reasons this card is stronger than Blessing of Kings. First, this is a minion, not a spell. Blessing of Kings requires you to already have a minion on the field in order to buff it. If a minion is not on the field, a paladin must pay 2 mana to activate its hero power and then buff the minion to a 5.5 for a total of 6 mana – Wargear accomplishes this task in 5 mana and comes with the body already included. Second, Wargear is a spectacular buff to any mech on the field, forcing it to become a major target. When magnetized to a Mechanical Whelp, your opponent better hope he or she has a silence or they are stuck with a 7.7 deathrattle, summon a 7.7.

  1. Spider Bomb


This 3-mana 2.2 with magnetize and a powerful deathrattle (destroy a random enemy minion) cannot be underestimated. With the amount of deathrattle triggering cards Hunters have at their disposal (Play Dead, Fireworks Tech, and Terrorscale Stalker), this card can be utilized in the early game to deter aggro decks as well as in the late game to destroy an entire board of enemy minions in a single turn. Spider Bomb is definitely a reason for Deathrattle Hunter being one of the best performing decks at legend rank at the moment. For that reason it earns most impactful card number four.

  1. Mecharoo


Coming in at number 5 on my list is the 1-mana 1.1 mech with a ‘mechrattle’, Mecharoo! Appearing to be a copy of the widely played Possessed Villager from Hearthstone’s Old Gods expansion, this card is actually significantly better because both Mecharoo and Jo-E Bot are mechs! Playing this card allows you to follow-up over the next few turns with magnetic mechs, helping you push the early game advantage this card grants. At 40 dust, you should definitely craft this fun mech.


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Demonshrub is a monthly recurring legend player and tournament goer. His goal is to provide informative and well-structured content to help players achieve their desired rank in Hearthstone.

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