Write For Us

Want To Write For Us?

If you’re interested in writing for us then please read the following information.

  • This is a work-from-home job that can be done at your own leisure.
  • When submitting your work, you will enter it into WordPress and be expected to format it accordingly (we will provide a formatting guide to help you out). Once formatted, you’ll be able to publish it directly to the site (editorial approval may or may not be necessary).
  • At the moment, we’re only looking for volunteer contributors. As our site grows with sustainable revenue, we will compensate you for your writing.

Please note, you must be at least 18 years old to apply.

Why Should I Write For NerdOut?

Contributing to NerdOut may help you build:

  • Your online reputation
  • Further your freelance writing/blogging career
  • Become part of our “family”
  • Get a lot of exposure and credibility
  • Access to potential perks – Media Passes to major events (E3, Anime Expo, Comic Con, etc.)

Our community is a friendly and active group, and we like to help each other out.

Some of the reasons to consider writing for NerdOut:

  • On average, blog posts get 300 social shares
  • Top posts get more than 10,000+ shares
  • We have 75,000+ social media followers across our platforms
  • Authors regularly tell us their posts have helped them gain new clients, new job opportunities, media interviews, and additional exposure

How To Contribute To NerdOut?

Be sure to email the following to hello@nerdout.net aside from completing the application:

  • A short bio (60 words min.)
  • Headshot for profile picture — preferably of your face but avatar is OK
  • Author/profile names are full personal names or pen names are allowed

We welcome any contributions — comments on stories, discussions, what have you. Here are the steps, below, to be successful. Posts will be promoted to our followers daily throughout our various channels.

Contributor Guidelines

What Topics Is NerdOut Looking For?

In general, we are looking for posts around these categories:

  • Anime
  • Gaming
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel
  • Movie/TV Reviews
  • Toys/Collectibles/Product Reviews
  • Viral Videos (ie: pen pineapple pen)
  • Harry Potter

Writing Style/Tone:

  • Keep it fun and entertaining. (Do not use this venue to slam a rival’s content.)
  • Make it a conversation-starter. Argue your case well. Invite reply/counter argument.
  • Avoid academic or overly technical tone. Keep it accessible/”bloggy.”
  • No pornographic content allowed. (Posts that are sexual or risque are OK, but and NSFW content will need to be submitted for approval prior to publishing.)

Article Word Count:

  • 150 words minimum for all news posts
  • 500+ words minimum for reviews (movie, TV, toys, products, etc.)

When submitting your work, you will enter it into WordPress and be expected to format it accordingly (we will provide a formatting guide to help you out). Once formatted, you’ll be able to publish it directly to the site (editorial approval may or may not be necessary).


After The Post Is Published

Please respond to comments on the site as well as in social media. And social promotion of the content is key, so do get the word out. Engaging with readers in the comments section via the site or Facebook is essential, especially if you have published content that’s opinionated within the category and it is receiving counter-arguments.

If You Make Changes To The Post After Published

Please email us to let us know because changes can create broken links on the site or social media etc.


Karl Rader | Admin, NerdOut | hello@nerdout.net

General NerdOut Community Guidelines

This community is a place for our readers to create content, share ideas and build relationships. To guide the community we’ve come up with some basic guidelines to keep everyone on the same page of what’s OK and what’s not.


  • Have fun and be yourself. Keep in mind that although this is a community site what you post here is public.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise — upload content you have created.
  • Give credit where credit is due. If you are sharing something you found elsewhere on the Internet, make sure you credit that source. (This includes images)
  • Act friendly and helpful. Always assume good faith. A community is only as strong as its members.
  • Respond and get involved in the forums and blogs. This is a great way to learn more about your interests, get to know your community, and even make some friends and contacts.
  • Take the plunge! This sort of site may be new to you…jump in and get your feet wet and try something new. Who knows where your involvement here could lead to.
  • Be proactive. We love new ideas. Feel free to let us know what ideas you come up with to help grow NerdOut as a whole.
  • Spread the word! Communities survive through word of mouth and grassroots promotion.


  • Posts that are completely off topic will be deleted by Admins.
  • Don’t share personal information (address, phone number, etc), post inappropriate or illegal content.
  • Don’t share or claim content or intellectual property that isn’t yours to post.
  • Don’t harass or incite flame wars with other users. Long rants or personal attacks will get you banned and your content deleted.
  • Don’t feed the trolls. Do not engage. Help us keep the community a great place.